Section 2 Central Idea of the Universe

In fact, the central idea of the universe is very simple, and not so complicated as we think, because the universe follows certain rules. Since the universe is of positive information and energy initially, its central idea also follows the positive development.

The first life in the universe was kind, because there was no evil life at that time. Of course, the central idea of the whole universe also follows the kind idea, which is actually the idea of love. The universe is large, but its central idea has been the same. So why I tell the relatives, as long as the life is of positive energy, you can live a good life in the universe, because the energy field of positive energy life itself is integrated with the energy field of the big universe.

Although there is negative energy in the universe today, the negative energy is only in the lower dimensional space, and the higher the dimensional space, the less the negative energy. Therefore we are very passive and difficult to live in the worlds of the low dimensional space.

We could not know what the central idea of the universe is, nor the truth of the universe before. Today, the relatives in the high dimensional space tell us the truth, is to let us learn to change ourselves in the universe, no matter how hard it is or how low level we are now. Now I have the ability to spread knowledge of the universe and tell the relatives the truth, just want them to improve their energy frequency and life level after understanding these truths, not to be reduced to lower-frequency life. If reduced to a lower-frequency life, the life in the universe will be more difficult, even lose the chance to survive in the universe.

If the energy frequency of lives are once lower than that of the lowest-frequency energy field in the universe, these lives will not exist, because they already have no ability to survive in the universe. Therefore, all lives in the universe must keep their energy frequency up with that of the cosmic energy field, so that they can live well in the universe. If they cannot keep up with the pace of the frequency of the energy field in the universe, these lives will naturally be obsoleted by the universe.

Just now I told the relatives, why life can only improve its positive energy to better survive in the universe, because the universe itself is of positive energy. Although there is negative energy in the lower dimensional space, it is not the dominant energy of the universe, only positive energy is the real dominant energy of the universe. So there is such a statement: “Good prevails over evil.” Especially in the higher dimensional space, the evil forces will never be able to confront the power of the justice. Because the positive energy in the whole universe is much greater than the negative energy, the evil forces will never be the opponent to the justice forces, no matter at any stage. It is only in the worlds of the lower dimensional space that life is not able to compete with the evil forces, because life there is insufficient in wisdom, easy to be used and controlled by evil forces. It is also because life in the low dimensional space does not know the truth that they do not know how to confront the evil forces.

Since we are the descendants of the justice family, the ancestors and relatives of the high dimensional space will certainly try to help us, and let us in the low dimensional space all be free from suffering, no longer under the control of the evil forces, because the universe is of justice, the ancestors and relatives of the high dimensional space come to help us in order to uphold justice as well. Human beings are highly intelligent species, and we have the ability to change our destiny. It is just that we did not wake up or know the truth before, so we did not know how to fight the evil forces, or how to solve many problems on the earth.

The universe is very big, though it is big, its central idea and the concept of following the justice has not been changed. The universe will never take sides with the evil, so the evil life is always rejected and hit in the universe! No matter in which world of the dimensional space, that is the same. In fact, it is the responsibility and obligation of every one of our justice life to fight the evil forces, unless there is no evil in the universe. As long as we are the descendants of the justice family, we have the responsibility and obligation to confront the evil forces, because they are destroyers in the universe. They invade not only the earth, but also the territory of other justice family. As long as they have the ability to do, they will interfere and invade, unless they are unable to do so. This is the nature of the evil species!

If we still have the wisdom, the conscience, the sense of responsibility and mission, we should take this responsibility, because it is the responsibility and obligation of all generations of our justice family to eliminate the evil forces, not just one person or a small group of people.

In fact, the way to fight the evil forces is very simple. As long as everyone of us sends out positive information and spreads the positive energy, we can change ourselves and become loving people with positive energy. That is the best way to fight the evil forces. Because the positive information sent out by each one of us is a shock to them, and can weaken the negative energy field, the earth can be gradually transformed from a negative energy field into a positive energy field with our joint efforts, which requires every one of us to make self-changes to achieve this desire. This is also the most powerful weapon against the evil forces!

Of course, we still have many ways to confront these evil people living on the earth. When we find them committing guilt, we can expose their ugly behavior, that is, to report them to uphold justice. Any government on the earth is set up for justice. Although there are still some weak law enforcement nowadays, under the universal awakening, everyone can make his own efforts, to support the respective national government to fight the evil forces, so that they have no shelter, and no way to escape.

We are the descendants of the justice family, and we do not need too much tolerance for the evil people! The evil people will not be grateful for our tolerance, because there is no information of love and no energy of love in their lives. We cannot think that all people on the earth are good. In fact, some people do not have good hearts at all. I believe that as long as the relatives have some wisdom, they all are aware and know that what kind of problems exist in this society today, also understanding how these evil people manifest, despite the different degrees of their evil.

The more evil the people are, the more destructive they are to the world, and the greater the hidden dangers are to the world, so we don’t need to tolerate such people. Because it is a hidden danger that they exist in this world and they will hurt us, we have to learn to protect ourselves and fight them, not to give them too many evil opportunities. If everyone of us choose to escape, we will always live in a dangerous environment, which is also due to our inaction and cowardice.

All along, we are indifferent to all things that appear in this world and all feel nothing to do with ourselves. In fact, every one of us has a responsibility that the earth becomes like this. It is also because each one of us is lacking in social responsibility that we gradually become insensitive and indifferent to others, let alone want to do a little responsibility to the world. That is why we become low-frequency lives. It is precisely because there is no justice, no love, and no responsibility in our lives that we become a man without positive energy, and have no way to integrate with positive energy. It is also because we do not have this information in our lives that we cannot accumulate positive energy.

If we want to be a positive energy person, we must change ourselves, become loving, know to care about others and the society, finish our part to the world, and make the world more harmonious and better. How much responsibility we can do for this world is, of course, decided by our own. Even if we do nothing, we can also spread love, such as our smile can affect the people around us. This is also the most basic way to spread positive energy. These are very common things and subtle moves that all can improve the energy field of the world. Because we did not understand these before, none of us have this kind of consciousness, or choose to do so.

Now we understand that we have to choose to be a loving person and become a positive energy one. We should give more care to the people around us, but also lead them spread positive energy. These are things that everyone can do, but we didn’t, because we did not understand them before. But from now on, I hope that my relatives change themselves and learn to send out positive information every day, spread positive energy to help improve the energy field frequency of the earth, and make the earth a positive energy world. The contribution of each of us will make the world a better and more harmonious place!

As long as each of us does our part, this world will become a positive energy world, and not be controlled by the evil forces that let every one of us live so depressed and so hard! Of course, I hope that these difficulties of our generation will not extend to the next generation, because now we have understood the truth. We can completely change all these with our own ability, and let our generations be blessed with our joint efforts.

I sincerely hope that the relatives of the earth can spend a little more time to learn the knowledge of the universe and understand the truth of the universe, and after you got benefit, you can help more people, let them send out positive information, spread positive energy, help the earth’s energy field ascend to a height, and let the earth become a positive energy planet with our joint efforts! At the same time, the positive information emitted by us can also purify the energy field of the big universe.

Well, that is the end of this section of Central Idea of the Universe.

Date of Receiving: September 30, 2016


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