Section 5 Human Duties and Obligations in the Universe

On the earth, most of the relatives do not know what kind of responsibility and obligation the human species has in the universe, because no one has told us before and no one has the ability to know the truth. Now in order to help us, the relatives of the high dimensional space just keep telling us these truths. These truths are very important for the earthlings in the low dimensional space, because they are related to the fate of the earth people, enabling us to improve our life level and learn more about the universe. Only by understanding the truth of the universe can we know what role we play in the universe, what kind of path we should take, and what kind of choice we should make, which is the right one to realize our value as human beings in the universe.

We did not understand it before, because no one could state it clearly. Now, with the help of my relatives in the high dimensional space, I have the opportunity to tell these truths to my relatives on the earth. I hope that my relatives will change their false knowledge, no longer imprison themselves, and do not think that only our planet has human beings after understanding these truths. In fact, there are many other worlds of physical and non-physical planets, where human beings are more intelligent and live happier than us. In other words, people live better in the worlds of the higher dimensional space. It is also because of their high intelligence that they are able to create highly civilized worlds.

When we have learned these truths, we, the earth people, can fully change our own destiny with our own ability, and let the earth continuously ascend so as to become a highly civilized world. It is up to all our earth people to work hard to reach this aspiration. Now to convey these cosmic knowledge and truth is to appeal to more loved ones with a sense of responsibility and mission to work together with me to build the earth into a highly civilized planet.

In fact, humans have the responsibility and obligations to lead other species in the universe, because the human species is endowed with this ability when created by the creators. And other species have been created without giving too much power. It is precisely because the humanity was created with this kind of setting that it is the leader of many species in a certain range of the universe. Therefore, humans have the responsibility and obligation to lead other species, so that other species can also disseminate positive information in the universe, and let their energy frequency become higher rather than lower under the influence of the negative energy field.

Now we, the earth people, can fully change the energy field of the earth with our own ability, thereby changing the fate of other species. As long as the energy field is changed, the various species of the earth will also be changed with the change of the energy field, because they have no initiative and live passively in this world.

How can we, the earth people, who have never known these truths, take our responsibilities and obligations? It is precisely because we do not know the truth that we become more and more selfish, and do not know what to do or how to realize our own value in the universe.

Now I can tell these truths to the relatives on the earth in the hope that they will do their duties and obligations after understanding these truths, because we are highly intelligent species and we have the ability to change the world. If we do not wake up, we have no such love and responsibility, and what we send out is negative information, then we are the destroyers of the universe! In fact, humans have two sides–to the good is to accomplish the universe; To the evil is to destroy the universe.

We, the earth people, can grow in our wisdom with our own efforts, and make the right choice. We can choose to be honest and kind people, so as to achieve the world, for only those who accomplish the world can realize their own value. If a person destroys this world, he is of no value and even be spurned by the world! These truths are very simple, but there are few people on the earth know such a simple truth, because no one has ever told us these truths before.

Now the relatives of the high dimensional space tell us these truths with the purpose of letting us to change our own destiny with our own efforts, so as to change the fate of the planet. If we know nothing, how do we fulfill our responsibilities and obligations? Now most people on the earth do not know why they live, why they come to this world and what they come to this world for!

There is a lot of similar knowledge spreading over the earth, but many people do not explain it clearly, because they do not understand the truth of the universe. Now that we have the right direction and the ultimate goal, we can change the status quo of the earth with our own efforts. Because we already know our responsibilities and obligations in the universe, we can make ourselves more valuable, living more meaningfully and wonderfully. This requires that we all have a great sense of responsibility and mission. Without this firm belief, many people cannot uphold it.

As a communicator of cosmic knowledge, I would like to dedicate myself selflessly to the cause of awakening all mankind, so that all of my relatives on the earth will have a chance to wake up! With the help of the relatives in the high dimensional space, I will help all the relatives on the earth to ascend to a certain level! That is my wish. At the same time, I also hope that more loved ones to participate in it, and become a person like me. Because the strength of one person is limited, only common strength is infinite!

If we can spread these cosmic knowledge and truth to every corner of the earth, what we do is valuable. We are engaged in a very great cause. Our love and sense of responsibility can affect more relatives, and let more of them work together with us to strive and struggle for the cause of human awakening!

As the communicator of cosmic knowledge, I also accomplish myself with the knowledge given by the relatives in the high dimensional space. I constantly upgrade myself in the process of learning the knowledge of the universe and make myself more responsible and mission oriented. I have been aware that what my mission and responsibility is, and what the human responsibility and obligation is in the universe, also knowing that the relatives on the earth are not easy, need help, need to be free and more need to get rid of the control of the evil forces, so that is why I am so responsible! It is precisely because I have understood these truths that I have such a great desire to make such a choice.

I hope that my relatives all have this awareness to spread this knowledge of the universe together with me, tell all the relatives these truths, and let them know what role humans play in the universe, and what responsibilities and obligations they have, by learning the knowledge of the universe to improve their own life level and let everyone send out positive information to enhance the frequency of the earth’s energy field, and to ascend the earth’s energy field to a higher dimension. When we, the earth people, live a happy life, everywhere is full of joy and laughter, everyone becomes increasingly kind and loving, and wipes out the evil forces from the earth, the earth will naturally become a world of positive energy.

We are the species of love and descendants of the righteous family, and we exist for the upward development of the universe. It is our human’s and also all the existence’s responsibility and obligation in the universe to disseminate positive information and lead other species to promote the upward development of the universe, because the universe is a common homeland for all.

Well, that is the end of this section of Human Duties and Obligations in the Universe.

Date of Receiving: September 26, 2016


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