Section 4 Realization of Life Value

Few people on the earth know the value of life, let alone know how to realize it. The earthlings are at such a low level that they do not know what the value and significance of life is in the universe. Most people live very confused.

The more intelligent the people are in the worlds of the higher dimensional space, the more they know the meaning of existence in the universe, so the better they know how to realize the value of life. Of course, people in the worlds of the higher dimensional space can control their own destiny better, because they already have that kind of ability. Only those who know more about the truth of the universe will be more capable of controlling their own mind after growing in their wisdom.

We, the earth people, cannot do it, because we do not know the truth of the universe and, we imprison ourselves, only believing that lives exist only on the earth in the universe. This is the narrowness of our earth people. We live only in our own world without being at the height of life or the outlook on the universe, because too many people have been imprisoned by the negative energy field which let them live more and more insensitively, not to see things around them, nor do they know their life, let alone know the world or even the universe. We, the earth people, have no such awareness, of course, we have no such high intelligence. Without that high intelligence, there would be no higher life patterns. It is also because we, the earth people, lack the knowledge and have no ability to dominate our own destiny that we are controlled by others. Now the earth is in a very passive and difficult situation! Unfortunately, we, the earth people, do not think so. We think it is normal for us to live such a life. However, we are unaware that such a life has no value and no meaning! Most people will not think about this, but only a few people have that awareness, which is not very strong, because they do not know the truth of the universe.

Now, with the help of the relatives of the high dimensional space, I told these truths to my relatives on the earth, hoping to awaken them to realize that there is more value of them in the universe. As long as they know this, I believe that every one of them can make changes on their erroneous outlook on life and values as well as their narrow mode of thinking, so as to let them become broad-minded. While knowing the world, they also gradually embrace and understand it.

The reason why the earth has become what it is today is that every one of us had no sense of responsibility or consciousness previously. If there are still some people on the earth who have a sense of responsibility and mission can stand together with me and tell these truths to all the relatives, I believe that one day, these truths will spread all over the earth, letting the people of the world wake up and understand the universe, letting everyone ascend his life level, increase his wisdom, no longer be used or controlled by others, and no longer be a puppet of the evil forces!

Living in this world, people realize their own value according to their ideal and location. Without an ideal and a higher life location, he will not have the right direction of life. Such people can only live in a state of ignorance, having no way to surpass themselves, so they live in this world without too much value. Only those who have ideals will think about their own lives and improve their own life patterns, and their life patterns will also be improved along with the continuous improvement of their own responsibility and ability. Such people will live increasingly fully, more and more happily, because they have already stood at the other high level of their lives and know how to realize their greater value.

No one told the loved ones the truth before. It is understandable that even they are more insensitive, because no one knows why the world has become like this. Now I have the ability to tell my relatives the truth in the hope that they can stand at a certain height and take responsibility for their own lives, so that they can be more responsible for the world. Only in this way can we realize greater value of life.

If a man lives only for himself, and does not care about others or the world, he will not know the meaning of being alive, let alone how to show their value. If a person has lofty aspirations, he naturally stands at another high level of life. People who have such a high level of thought will be able to look far ahead and aim high. Only such people can be responsible for their own lives. While they are responsible for their own lives, they can take more responsibility for the world. It can be said that those who are not responsible for themselves are incapable of taking responsibility for the world. It is a simple truth, because he does not have this ability which also results from having no such intelligence.

In this case, I still hope that the relatives on the earth will learn more about the truth by gaining the cosmic knowledge, so as to change themselves and improve their life patterns to allow themselves to be loving, aspiring, and ambitious, and start from themselves to make changes little by little, accumulate experience, and improve their positive energy.

We must learn to love ourselves, love the people around us, and love this world. Our love can transform this large energy field, bringing joy to the world. When each one of us is full of love, our earth is a planet of love, and a planet of positive energy. Every little bit of love we send out is helpful to this world and we will become valuable people.

If one is full of hatred, what he sends out is, of course, all negative information which will constantly interfere with this large energy field, and make it more and more chaotic. In fact, the chaotic energy field is the negative energy field that we understand. As the negative energy field is contrary to the cosmic positive energy field, there will be a collision between the positive and negative energy fields, and how strong the collision is, and how great disaster there will be!

I tell the truth to my relatives, is to hope that they have such a consciousness, and should not think that their personal negative emotions will affect neither others nor the living environment. In fact, both the positive and negative information we send out will have an impact on the universe. If we do not learn the knowledge of the universe or understand the truth of the universe, we will not be clear that whether we have become the destroyers of the universe.

Once being the destroyers of the universe, we will feel guilty, because we are the lives of justice, rather than the evil lives. A righteous life should protect the interests of the universe and make a greater contribution to its upward development. In fact, negative energy people are the destroyers of the universe, no matter whether the relatives understand it or not before, this is the truth! Now we are clear about that, we had better choose to be a positive-energy, caring and responsible person, rather than a negative-energy one or even an evil one, because in the universe, only those who have love, positive energy, and are willing to take responsibility for this world, are needed by more people and the universe, and such people are worthy of living. If we become negative energy people or evil people, we will be rejected and even spurned by the world.

Therefore, as a man of consciousness, we must have this awareness and know how to choose the right path of life. From now on, we should change ourselves well, make ourselves valuable, not to be controlled by the negative energy field, let alone be bewitched by the evil people. Our own lives should be chosen by ourselves. We can work hard to improve our ability to dominate our destiny so that we can live more happily and valuably.

Living in the universe, life has been given a chance to reflect its value. It is just that we, the earth people, do not understand, nor do we know what we came to this world for. We are all living in a state of ignorance and becoming mediocre people.

Since we are the righteous lives, we are born with a sense of justice. It is just that no one has awakened us before. But now is different. The relatives in the high dimensional space have been helping us, telling us these truths to awaken us, let us rise with our own ability, and let us all have justice, and not be controlled by the evil forces. If all of us have this awareness, and have the heart to help others, our world will become increasingly beautiful and harmonious. When the world is full of laugh and joy, and really is a harmonious society, it will be the life enjoyed by our righteous human beings!

However, far from enjoying such a life, we are living in pain without freedom, for the reason that we do not have the responsibility to change the status quo of the world. If we want to get real freedom and happiness, we must change ourselves with our own efforts, help more relatives, let everyone fulfill his responsibilities and obligations, and fill the world with love and joy. Only then can the earth change the status quo. Doing such a thing can certainly reflect our greater value.

Through this message today, I hope to awaken more relatives like me to fulfill their responsibilities to the loved ones and the society, and even to do their greatest duty to this world. Let’s lead more relatives to wake up and let everyone work hard to change themselves and make the world better and more harmonious. This is the right path for everyone to go. We cannot continue to be selfish, let alone live a life of insensibility.

Our ultimate purpose of living in this world is to show our greatest value of life. When we know the ultimate goal of life in the universe, our sense of responsibility and mission will be improved, and we can bear everything at every stage, doing our biggest duty to help more people and solve numerous problems in the world without leaving them for the next generation.

We can reach a consensus with our own efforts, calling for more relatives to wake up, letting them learn to love others and contribute selflessly. This is the responsibility that our generation should take. If we do, the value of our lives will be greatly reflected.

Well, that is the end of this section of Realization of Life Value.

Date of Receiving: September 26, 2016


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