Section 3 Source of Pain

In this world, none of us want to suffer from pain. However, it does not mean that it is not with us. Because we, the people, in the worlds of the lower dimensional space do not have the ability to exclude it, the pain is always following us, even through generations. Although we know the pain is bad, most of the people on the earth do not know where the pain comes from and where its source is.

Today I am going to tell the relatives where the source of the pain is. I hope my message can bring good news to my loved ones, and help them to improve and change themselves by learning these knowledge, so as to keep far from the pain and not be influenced by it.

It is not easy for people to live in this world, especially on the low-frequency earth, there are all kinds of pressures, worries and pain everywhere. Of course the people in the worlds of the higher dimensional space suffer less. In fact, it is not that there is no, but that the more intelligent the people in the worlds of the higher dimensional space, the more capable they are to transform it. However, the people in the worlds of the lower dimensional space have no such ability actually resulting from no wisdom to eliminate the pain, or get rid of its disturbance.

I believe that the relatives on the earth all want to know the truth. Although there are a lot of people who have answered before, all the solutions are not very satisfactory, for they are not explained from a higher perspective, which is also due to lacking understanding of the truth of the universe and the difference in standing points and angles that it is different to understand and comprehend the pain.

The reason why people suffer is that they have greed and have something to expect, either this or that; that is, to expect others’ understanding, to seek others’ care, or to find others’ approval, etc. If a person really demands nothing in doing anything, just to give selflessly and help others selflessly without asking anything in return, he will live very freely and easily, and not be influenced by anything. Such people are certainly happy in the world. If a person is always in such a state, he will not feel pain.

If a person has truly selfless love, selflessly dedicated himself and serves the universe, he, who has so high awareness and the state of mind, will always stay positive and optimistic. How can he suffer from pain? Because such people have some wisdom, relatively knowing how to live. When a person has a certain wisdom, he can control his own heart and will not let it be chaotic. If his mind is not in chaos, he will naturally be quiet. Being quiet, he can realize a lot of truth. What is the truth? It is “the law of the universe”. When a man understands more about the laws of the universe, he will live freely and easily, and will not feel depressed. As long as we all know how to live according to the laws of the universe, we can be free and happy to live in the universe. Not knowing these truths nowadays, our earth people live very depressingly without happiness, and most of us do not even know how to live or how to be a man to make sense. It is precisely because we understand nothing that we become ignorant, we are unable to dominate our own destiny, and we have been used or controlled by others.

People are suffering also because they are ignorant and incompetent, having no way to get rid of pain with their own ability! If a person has enough wisdom, he has the ability to organize his own life and knows how to choose life to realize his own value and to live more meaningfully. Therefore, we, living in the universe, must understand the truth of the universe and life, so as to change ourselves to become wise men and have the ability to get rid of the pain.

If everyone is less selfish and more caring, learning to care for and help others, naturally there will be a sense of existence and achievement. Helping others, harvesting happiness! This happiness will help him increase a lot of positive energy. As an unhappy man, his life is full of negative energy. How can a negative energy man feel happy? Because his own energy field brings him only depression, he has no way to feel the real happiness!

If you are a positive energy person, your energy field will bring you a very pleasant enjoyment. Therefore, it is very important to be a positive energy person. Only positive energy is the source of happiness! Where does the positive energy come from? Of course, it is to accumulate by helping others and making greater contributions to this society and even to the universe. In fact, this is also a basic way to accumulate the happiness. Without this basic way, people will not get real happiness, because they cannot find the sense of existence.

In this world, the more people you help, the more people you will be approved and needed by. If you are the one who loves to hurt others and is not caring, you will naturally not be required by others, or even rejected by more people. How can such people feel happy? As this world is a world of love, he/she who does not have a loving heart or who hurts others will not be accepted by the people. When they are not accepted, of course, they will feel very painful and sad to live, because there are so much rejection, which make them have no sense of existence. People who are filled with pain can be easily distorted in their hearts and naturally will become hidden dangers of society. If he is a happy person, he will bring happiness and joy to others in this world, thus being needed by more people. Such people have a sense of existence with value, and what they bring to the world is only positive energy. Positive people are valuable ones, because only such people can increase positive information of high frequency to the energy field of the universe. These are two very different fates for the people of positive energy and negative energy living in the universe.

I tell the truth to my loved ones in the hope that they will choose to be positive energy people and choose the right way to live, and not to be controlled by this negative energy field or the evil forces. As long as you have confidence in yourself, become a loving person, and have the spirit of selfless dedication, you will naturally become a positive energy person. Although it takes some time to make efforts to change, as long as each of us has such an aspiration, I believe that everyone can change himself, and gradually get rid of the pain.

In fact, as long as we are unselfish without too many desires, the pain will naturally be far away from us. The source of all the pain is that we are greedy, selfish and have too many desires. This is the root cause of trouble and pain that has been with us all our lives or for many generations!

Now we have clearly understood the truth, so we should try to change ourselves and make ourselves happy. If we are in such a state of life at all times, we will feel an invisible force that the world brings us. As long as we all have love, grateful heart, not complaining about others or the living environment, we can embody our greater tolerance.

All love should begin with tolerance! Tolerate others, all things, and even the whole world. That requires all of us to expand the capacity of our minds and love, and create greater value in the world, because the energy of love can improve this chaotic energy field.

To change the world and make it painless, we should start from changing ourselves. That is, to let ourselves be loving, and to turn all the troubles and pains, or the minds of complaining about others and the world into a mind of tolerance and selfless love. If everyone has this kind of consciousness, and
has done it, the frequency of the world’s energy field will be improved, and the world will be changed from a negative energy field to a positive energy field. If the whole energy field changes, we naturally get happiness. To change the mind can make oneself more and more joyful. Due to the increase of the frequency of the earth’s energy field, we will no longer be oppressed by the evil forces or be so depressed. It is only when each of us changes ourselves in the mind that the frequency of this external energy field increases. If the frequency of the energy field is enhanced, we can be protected from being suppressed, and will not live so painfully!

It is because we knew neither these truths nor the problems of the world before that there was no way to change it. Now I tell the reason and the truth to the relatives free of charge in the hope that they all have this kind of consciousness, and know where the source of the pain is, so as to get rid of it and be happy from now on. While gaining happiness, we should learn to help other relatives, and let them also get happiness like us, so as to spread it to every corner of the earth. When there are happiness and joy all over the earth, it will become a planet of positive energy, and a world of high dimensional space!

I hope my message today will awaken more loved ones, so as to let them change themselves and have a greater sense of responsibility to change the world!

Well, that is the end of this section of Source of Pain.

Date of Receiving: September 26, 2016


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