Section 2 Index of Happiness

The indexes of happiness are different in the worlds of different dimensional spaces of the universe. The higher the worlds of the dimensional space, the higher the happiness indexes, because the people in the world of the higher dimensional space are purer without so many selfish thoughts, their happiness levels are much higher than those in the worlds of the lower dimensional space. That is to say, the people are happier in the world of the higher dimensional space.

In fact, the definition of the world of the high dimensional space is determined by the people’s happiness index there. The more happily the people live, the higher the frequency of the energy field there will naturally be. For example, a world where all lives are very kind and full of positive energy, then it is a world of pure energy, which is defined as a world of the high dimensional space.

Why are the people in the higher dimensional space happier? Because people there can be selfless and dedicated. They all know how to reflect their own value. And the more intelligent people are, the better they can control their own hearts and their own destiny. Why do people in the worlds of the lower dimensional space feel less happiness? It is because the people there are more selfish, less willing to help others, and more closed-minded, so that they become more and more empty. How can such people feel happiness?

As the low-frequency and low-intelligence people do not understand the truth and law of the universe, they live more and more worried and miserable. It is also because they are too narrow-minded, and always suppressed by the external negative energy field, having no way to expand their horizons and life patterns that the low-frequency people live very passively without happiness. This is the state of life in the negative energy field of the low-frequency world, and our earthlings are now in such a state.

I tell these truths to our relatives in the hope that they learn the knowledge of the universe to improve and change themselves, and live happily. It can also make the energy frequency of the earth continuously improved with their efforts. As long as each of us is willing to give love and help others selflessly, the world will naturally become the one of positive energy, rather than the world as it is nowadays that lack of love and warmth, most people live only for themselves, and are indifferent to the world.

When a person does not want to take a little bit responsibility for the world, there is not much value or meaning for him to live in this world. Since humanity is defined as a highly intelligent species, we, as people, have to give and dedicate. Only those who can be selfless and responsible for the world can truly embody the value of life in this world. If people live more and more selfishly, they will become more and more narrow-minded, having no other people in their eyes but themselves, and will not care about others, and less likely to care about the world. There are so many such kind of people on the earth today. That is what makes this world the way it is now. Nowadays, there is no trust between people on the earth. In fact, there is no love, there is no trust. They are both on the defensive and even attacking each other.

Actually, the reason why our earthlings have such problems is that there has been an evil force controlling the people’s hearts, which makes the relatives have no freedom, especially those have no ability to know the truth as well. These evil forces are very powerful, and they will use this negative energy field to gradually control the people of negative energy. As long as you are a person of negative energy, it is very easy to be used and controlled by these evil forces, making you more upset, more painful and difficult to be free. Of course, if you are a person full of positive energy, you will not be used or controlled by the evil forces, because positive energy is the most powerful weapon against the evil forces.

Under the influence of such a large negative energy field and under the control of the evil forces, most of the people are living in trouble and pain in the low-frequency worlds, how can they feel happy? In fact, this is also due to the selfish desires of the people that they are used and controlled by the evil
forces. If our earth people do not have these weaknesses, they will not be used or controlled by the evil forces. We should first find the cause from ourselves. The situation today, actually, is made by ourselves.

As long as we, the earth people, wake up and know these truths, we can change ourselves with our own efforts to become caring and responsible persons, transforming from a negative person into a positive person, so that we can fight against the control of the evil forces. If every one of us can do it, there is no place for the evil forces. It is precisely because our earthlings are unaware of the truth that we do not know how to change the present situation.

Since humanity is defined as an highly intelligent life, it has a natural force to control its own destiny and live more and more happily. Humanity is different from other lower species because they do not have this ability. These abilities our human beings possess can make our life levels rising or falling. That depends on how we choose. If we choose to ascend, we will become the life of high intelligence at high life level; If we keep going down, we will turn into an unintelligent life at low life level. Sadly, we, the earth people, have become low-frequency life unconsciously, which is our present situation!

Now we are in a very dangerous situation, because we live in a negative energy field, controlled by the evil forces. No one has known these truths before, so we do not know how to break through or how to fight against the control of the evil forces. But now we know the truth, we can change our destiny by working hard, thus changing the fate of the planet.

We can turn the earth into a planet of positive energy with the universal awakening, letting the evil forces be away from us, not allowing them to keep on controlling us, or even our descendants! If we do not change or make efforts, we will be controlled by the evil forces for generations, and will never be really happy. What is the significance of living in this world if we are not happy in this world?

True happiness is eternal! It can allow us to be always in a very pleasant state of mind. But how many people living on the earth can be in such a state? Not to mention the fact that this state can be preserved continuously. It is very valuable even to maintain for a period of time, because we are unable to make it in such a negative energy field! This powerful negative energy field has been suppressing us all the time, and this invisible force brings us worry and pain! And sometimes we can feel that it is an invisible pressure, a very strange feeling. These are not the things that we can resist, because this very powerful evil force has been oppressing us. As individuals, we have no ability to resist at all! Many people do not know the truth, or why they sometimes get angry inexplicably. This kind of undesirable situation is because of the powerful negative energy field enveloping us, making oneself very agitated. We live in such an environment that there is no way to be happy and free like the lives in the worlds of the high dimensional space.

Now I tell these truths to our relatives on the earth in the hope that they all wake up and, after knowing the truth, they can change their fate with their own strength, all emitting positive information, learning to care about the people around themselves, taking a little responsibility for this society, and being thankful for everyone. People should build a good relationship with each other and trust each other. As long as our earthlings can follow the laws of the universe to live, do not have too much selfishness, learn to tolerate and help those around us, and extend these good qualities continuously to every corner of the earth, the earth can be naturally the planet of positive energy. As long as we become a person of positive energy, the earth’s energy field will be improved in frequency, and we will be able to fight against the evil forces. That cannot be done by the efforts of a single person or a small group of people. It depends on the awakening of the whole people. Only when all of us strive to change ourselves can we make the world a better place.

To change the destiny of the earth, every one of us has responsibility and duty! Since humanity belongs to the highly intelligent species, it has the ability to lead the world. We can change ourselves with our own efforts and then change the world and create greater value in the universe. If we still have justice and wisdom, we should fight against the evil forces till the end, and turn the earth into a planet of positive energy and a world of the high dimensional space. And these efforts and contributions that we have made can help our generations, and help the universe develop upward. As the human beings of the high-intelligence species, we should have such a responsibility and act, and embody our greatest value in this world. Only in this way can we feel real happiness.

In this section, I guide the relatives in such a way, letting them have a high level of awareness, and improve their life level with their own efforts and get away from the negative energy field of low frequency, and make the earth a highly civilized world.

Well, that is the end of this section of Index of Happiness.

Date of Receiving: September 26, 2016


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