Section 1 Human Weakness

“Humanity” is defined as a highly intelligent species in the universe. However, due to different human intelligence, they, of course, also have different weaknesses. The more intelligent a man is, the less his weakness will be. The lower a man’s wisdom, the more his weaknesses. Today, I tell the human weaknesses to the relatives in this way.

Human beings were very loving and pure at the very beginning with few weaknesses. However, over time, due to a lot of pollution, some people have formed a lot of bad habits, gradually become unintelligent, and fall from the high dimensional space to the low dimensional space. This is also a big problem in the universe development up to now.

Because people are able to think, they have all kinds of thoughts. As long as the people have negative thoughts, their quiet minds will be disturbed. When there is no peace in mind, there will be problems. As time goes on, the problems of some people are growing.

In the universe, the higher the positive energy frequency, the purer the life. The purer the life is, the more it can be integrated with the high-frequency positive energy of the universe. When it does, its spirituality ① will be very high. The life of humanity was made of the high-frequency energy and information etc. of the space in the universe, and when the human beings are able to return to their own nature, they will have great wisdom.

The earth people do not know these truths, so many of them are used to imprisoning themselves, only living in their own world. They have never thought of getting to know the truth of their own life, not to mention the truth about the universe. The higher the world of the dimensional space, the more capable the people there are, because they have corresponding energy frequency and wisdom. They can ascend to the world of the high dimensional space to play a bigger role, and reflect their greater value. But our earthlings now have many weaknesses due to lack of wisdom. It is also because there is no high-end education that we are at a very low level. That is a sorrow of our earth people!

When we do not know these most basic knowledge about why we live and what the value and meaning of living is, we will be in line with other low intelligent species. Because our earth people have no way to break through ourselves, most of us live like a machine without considering ourselves, and we have even never thought of searching our root.

It is also because of lacking of knowledge and not striving to make progress that they have selfish behavior. Most of the people live only for themselves, never thinking that they can still create greater value and live more meaningfully in the universe. People living in the universe are to dedicate themselves unselfishly, achieving happiness while helping others, so as to improve their energy frequency, and let them have a chance to ascend to the world of even higher dimensional space to play a bigger role. Human beings can only reflect their greater value when they are needed by more people and serve the universe.

When a man lives only for himself, and only wants to take benefits from the world, he will feel more and more empty at the end of his life. That is the human weakness! Actually, all these weaknesses are caused by selfishness. If one is selfish, that will make all kinds of problems. Before action, he will first consider his own gains and losses, regardless of the interests of the public and those of others. The earth is so full of such kind of people that it has become a world of negative energy.

It is also because human beings in the worlds of the low dimensional space have such weaknesses that they are exploited and controlled by the evil forces. And now the evil forces are the ones who seize upon these weaknesses of our earth people and have the opportunity to invade our planet. It is easy to be a puppet of the evil forces with weaknesses! Our earthlings know neither the truth nor why we are like this today, even not knowing why the earth looks like what it is now.

If the relatives on the earth has selfless love for others, thinking of others, serving others, giving himself to the world selflessly, there will be no chance for the evil forces to invade the earth, because there is no soil for them to survive.

Although there are still some righteous and loving people on the earth, they are far from the opponents of the evil forces! It is also because there are selfish people everywhere that the evil forces can continue to expand their sphere of influence. As there are few righteous people on the earth, it is very difficult for the justice forces in the high dimensional space to help the earth.

Now the justice relatives of the high dimensional space want to help our earthlings out of this dilemma, no longer be used or controlled by the evil forces, so they are constantly calling for loving and positive energy people to come forward, to take some responsibilities for this society, and to make due contributions to the world. In fact, it is also to lay a good foundation for the generations of the earth, not to let them continue to be harmed by the evil forces. Because it is very hard for our generation of the earthlings, many of us have lived in hot water, if our generation cannot make efforts to change the world for the better, our future generations will be more difficult to live under the control of the evil forces!

Therefore, we need to unite the forces of justice, to tell all these truths to all our loved ones, to let them have a strong sense to change themselves and change the fate of the earth. In fact, it is to preserve a good living environment for our future generations to enjoy a happy life in this world. As long as each of us has such awareness, the earth’s environment and energy field will be changed. If every one of us has a spirit of dedication, there will be not so many weaknesses. Once the people have wisdom, they will naturally know themselves, and see their problems. Seeing it, they will correct it; And when they rectified it, they will have fewer and fewer problems with themselves.

Indeed, each one of us living in the universe is to gain the training experience, it just depends on whether we have the ability to control our own destiny, or to choose the right direction of life. As long as we study, we can improve ourselves. When we fully master the knowledge and truth of the universe, I believe that everyone will have great wisdom. If one has wisdom, he will not be controlled by others, and he can control his own destiny, and know how to reflect his own value. If all the relatives on the earth are at such height, the earth will be very beautiful. Thus, we will not have too many weaknesses, even if we have, we can overcome them with our own efforts.

Well, that is the end of this section of Human Weakness.

Date of Receiving: September 26, 2016


① Spirituality: Refers to “intelligence”


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