Section 6 Difference Between Yin Life and Yang Life in the Universe

There are various lives in the universe. For making difference between them, we can divide them into “Yin life” and “Yang life” according to their forms.

In the universe, we define the life of Yang material form ① as Yang life, and the life of Yin material form ② as Yin life. Yang life can only survive in a Yang material planet, a physical planet. And Yin life can not only survive in the world of physical planet but in a Yin material planet, a Yin world suitable for them. We, the earth people, can only see the Yang material lives and the Yang objects, but cannot see the Yin material lives and the Yin objects.

In fact, there are many Yin lives in the universe, and the number of them is far greater than that of the Yang ones. Yin lives also have different levels, energy frequencies and capacities. For example, it is difficult for those Yin people of our earthlings who do not have very high energy frequency, to rise to higher dimensional space to live or continue to experience in the world, relying on their own ability, after their bodies being scrapped. It is also because they do not know how to take advantages of opportunities to improve their energy frequency or accumulate more positive energy of high frequency when they are on the earth that they do not have a chance to rise to the higher dimensional worlds to play a bigger role or reflect greater value.

Now those evil forces that come to destroy the earth are the Yin lives that we understand. They are all evil beings from the worlds of different dimensional spaces. The higher their negative energy is, the greater their abilities are, and it is easy for them to control others’ minds. As long as the people are greedy with inflated desire and selfishness, they are easily controlled by the evil forces. The evil forces are now just using these weaknesses of our earthlings, to continually destroy the earth and make it lower and lower in frequency. At the same time, the earth people increasingly have no independent ability and are unable to use their instinctive wisdom to distinguish between good and evil, and to understand the truth of the universe.

Now, they arrange the evil spirit roots ③ to the earth through various channels to reincarnate there, and let their descendants take roots in the earth. In fact, their aim is to control the earth firmly in their hands, which is to turn it into their evil world completely.

After so many years, the evil forces have developed very well on the earth. Because our earth people are greedy with too many personal desires, we are exploited and controlled by the evil forces. They control the earth very fast, whereas it is not so easy for the forces of justice to protect the earth, for there is a lack of selfless and loving people, a lack of people with a sense of responsibility and mission, and a lack of altruistic people on the earth! Although there are still such people on the earth, they are too few to be opponents to the evil forces at all. Therefore, the upright and kind people live very hard on the earth, but the evil people live better. That is the evil power that has controlled the earth and brought the tragic fate to the upright and good people on the earth!

Many people complain that there is no justice and fairness in the world. If each of us does not wake up to fight against the evil forces, how could the world possibly embrace the light? How could there be truth that we want to pursue? It is precisely because there are too many people who have no ambition, no sense of justice, and do not want to compete with the evil forces that the upright and kind people live more and more difficult and harder.

The most effective way to change the status quo of the earth is, of course, to popularize the cosmic knowledge, bring the truth out to the world, and let more relatives know how bad the evil force is to the world! If everyone has this kind of awareness and responsibility, it is not a problem to change the world. Changing the world is, of course, changing everyone’s fate.

Well, that is the end of this section of Difference Between Yin Life and Yang Life in the Universe.

Date of Receiving: September 19, 2016


① Life of Yang material form: That is the life in Yang form; namely the Yang life on the Yang physical planet.

② Life of Yin material form: That is the life in Yin form, and can also be called Yin life. Yin life has a wide range of living areas. They can survive not only on the physical planet, but on the non-physical planet. They depend on the energy frequency of their own life to choose the environment that suits their survival.

③ Spirit roots: Refers to “the root of life”. For example, the lives of the “evil spirit roots” are from the evil worlds; The lives of the “righteous spirit roots” are from the righteous worlds.


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