Section 5 Definition of the Cosmic Yin and Yang

The variety of things in the universe is infinite. In order to understand and recognize them, we can use two words: “Yin and Yang” that are usually used on the earth to divide them relatively into Yin and Yang categories according to their nature or attribute. From the macro and the whole, the big universe is a harmonious whole, and obeys the laws of Yin-Yang harmony in operation, so while creating species, the creators ① of the universe will create species of Yin and Yang at the same time. The same species created also have the gender of Yin and Yang, otherwise it will not be able to balance and reproduce.

Firstly, we use Yin and Yang to define energy in the universe.

There are countless types of basic energies in the universe. One of them can be converted into  substances under the action of the energy field at different levels in the big universe, and the other  cannot be converted to matter forever. We can define the energy that can be converted to substances as Yang energy; The type of energy that cannot be converted to matter is defined as Yin energy. In this way, we can divide the basic energies of the universe into the Yin energy and the Yang energy according to its different nature. In other words, whether the basic energies in the universe can be converted to matter is determined by the nature of the energy.

The Yang energy that can be transformed into matter can also be subdivided into Yin and Yang according to its attribute. The Yang energy of Yin attribute can be converted to Yin matter under the action of the cosmic energy field, while the Yang energy of Yang attribute can also be converted to Yang matter under the action of the energy field in the universe. And the higher frequency of the energy field the energy is in, the faster the energy is converted into matter. Both Yin and Yang substances can form various objects of different levels under the action of the energy fields at different levels. Although planets can also be referred to as the objects, they are different from general objects. They gathered a lot of Yin materials and Yang substances, as well as Yin and Yang objects of different sizes in the process of formation. For example, the earth was formed in this way, while the planet of Yin matter is transformed from a Yang planet. That is to say, when the Yang materials of a planet are “weathered”, the Yin materials still retain the shape of the original planet. That is the origin of a Yin planet in the universe.

According to our earthlings’ understanding on the energy, the energy which has become the material form can also be divided into the energies of the Yin material form and the Yang material form.

Secondly, we define the substances in the universe with Yin and Yang.

In fact, matters in the universe are the particles converted by the basic energy of the universe under certain conditions. Although there are numerous types of substances in the universe, they can be divided into two categories by their nature: Yin substances and Yang substances. Actually, it has been basically expounded on defining the energy of the universe with Yin and Yang. Materials that are visible on the physical planets, like on the earth, all belong to Yang substances, Which generally can be seen and touched by the Yang lives. This is the essential nature of the Yang worlds. Whereas the essential feature of the Yin substances is that they cannot be represented in the universe in the form of Yang substances. Therefore, it is difficult to detect the presence of Yin materials by the Yang lives, because of the limitation of the body of Yang material form. However, Yin materials are abundant in the universe space. There are not only Yin materials, but also Yin objects and planets. In fact, Yin substances also exist in the physical planets, but we cannot find them.

The substances of Yang or Yin nature in the universe, when specific to single species or combination, can also be in Yin or Yang presence. For example, many Yang substances, such as water, iron, etc. on the earth, are in Yin presence relative to the characteristics of other Yang substances such as coal, gunpowder, etc. Similarly, many Yin substances in the universe can also be in Yang presence, but we cannot see their existence, or know their names, so we are unable to give examples.

Thirdly, we define the lives of the universe with Yin and Yang.

Species in the universe can be classified as two categories: animals and plants according to their different nature. In terms of the overall characteristics, the animal is dynamic, whereas the plant is static. We can define the animals as Yang, and the plants as Yin. Both of them have different roles and values in the universe. As the differences between animals and plants will be specially introduced in Definition of Animals and Plants in Section Two, Chapter Five, now we will not discuss them here.

When it is specific to a certain type of animal or plant, they also fall into female (Yin) and male (Yang) genders. The individual lives, female (Yin) and male (Yang) of animals or plants, also contain Yin and Yang, because the creators creating lives must follow the rules of the universe, otherwise it will not be a life.

Defined according to the representation of life, life can be divided into Yin material form and Yang material form. For example, we are the lives in the Yang material form, while the beings in the Yin worlds are the lives of Yin physical form. However, both of them have two genders of male and female(Yang and Yin). Men of human and other male animals have the masculine features, while the women and the females have feminine characteristics. Both Yin material worlds and Yang material worlds are in the
same case, it is determined by the nature of different genders.

Due to the limited words on our earth, there are limitations on the definitions of substances and the nature and properties of lives of the universe; that is, we have no more appropriate words to express things in the universe. It is more convenient to explain or define them with “Yin” and “Yang” that are understood by our earth people. As long as our loved ones know that Yin and Yang are relative, they are a highly summary for the common nature or attributes of all things, and are just the definitions made by people in order for us to understand all things conveniently, that will be enough.

In the coming days, I will convey the knowledge of the universe in different ways and tell the relatives more truth, so as to help them know more about the universe and gain a comprehensive understanding of their own life. Hopefully, the relatives can ascend their life pattern and life level with the popularization of the knowledge of the universe, and fulfill their duties as human beings. Moreover, I hope that our relatives will play the role of justice, recognize themselves, understand the significance of their existence in the universe, and know how to reflect the value of life.

Well, that is the end of this section of Definition of the Cosmic Yin and Yang.

Date of Receiving: September 19, 2016


① Creators: Refers to the special groups at different levels of the universe creating the worlds and lives.


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