Section 4 Creation of Various Species of Universe

Just when there was life, there were no so many species in the universe. Because the advanced beings in the universe saw that the universe was so big, but lives were too few, they were constantly creating more lives to disseminate positive information for all existence of the universe to survive better. These advanced beings have created a variety of lives in different periods of time for the universe by constantly trying, in accordance with their own intentions and assumptions.

The lives that were created in the universe at the beginning were very righteous and kind. Only later, as time passing by, the lives developed and expanded gradually to different dimensional spaces in the universe. For example, some lives in the lower dimensional space began to live according to their own thoughts, because of their self-conceit; Also because such lives were far too narrow-minded and subjective, and unwilling to accept other people’s advice, they were easy to go to extremes and easy to fall. Along with time passing, these creatures evolved into evil lives. These evil creatures have created their own worlds in the universe with their own efforts, and then they have created many evil species by their own power. Since then, there has been evil in the low-dimensional worlds of the universe. The loving species are also due to the accumulation of long time, becoming more and more loving and kind. These two different species have a great contrast in the long period of reproduction, and over time the contrast has been getting bigger and bigger.

No matter how many species exist in the universe, there are two main categories after all: one is loving and the other is evil. The loving species bring great benefits to the development of the universe, because the information emanated from them can let the cosmic energy field become more and more high-frequency, thus promoting the universe to develop upward. But the information emanated from the evil species acts to destroy the universe. Along with the increase of evil lives in the low dimensional space, the evil worlds have developed rapidly as well, and they become more and more destructive to the universe.

Since there were good and evil in the low dimensional space of the universe, there have been two opposing forces: the loving species represents justice, and the evil species, of course, represents evil. But regardless of species, only the humans of highly intelligent species can lead the worlds of the low dimensional living space.

These evil species in the low dimensional space of the universe also have the ability to control the worlds in which those levels and abilities are lower than theirs. That is to say, as long as the wisdom of those lives is not very high and they live in the backward worlds, these evil species have the ability to harm or plunder them. The earth is such a world, because we, the earthlings, know neither the truth nor the existence of the evil species, all thinking that the earth becomes what it is today is completely caused by people who are more and more selfish. In fact, we, the earthlings, are not clear so far that the world has been manipulated by the massive evil power. They are from the worlds of different dimensional spaces, on behalf of evil forces, and it can also be understood that they are the species groups of the negative energy worlds.

How could there be only those lives of the earth in such a big universe? There are also a variety of lives in other worlds. The Yin lives in the worlds of different dimensional spaces, whether belonging to the righteous or evil species, are also able to freely shuttle in the universe according to their different abilities. These Yin lives, which can travel freely through the universe, have Yin-material bodies of no weight. Such lives are more capable than us, the earthlings. It is simply because they are invisible to our naked eyes that we do not believe there are still so many lives in the universe, whose abilities are many times stronger than those of our earthlings.

The universe is so immense that the earth is just one of the planets in it. Although a lot of people have passed some information about the alien worlds before, only a small part is about the truth of the universe, and the messages are not very clear, most of which are passed by the evil forces. Of course, this information also enables us to have a certain understanding of the alien worlds. The messages they conveyed are, in part, the truth of their evil worlds, but most of them are the false information made up by the evil people to confuse and control our earthlings. Their purpose is to let us, the earth people, never understand the truth of the universe, be completely under their control, and be unable to get out of their control.

Now I tell the truth to the loved ones on the earth in the hope that my relatives can understand it, do not continue to be used or controlled by the evil forces, and can have the chance to dominate their own destiny. The evil forces have controlled the earth for many years. They have copied the set of management modes of their evil worlds to the earth, making most of the earthlings live in an abyss of misery, and have no way to remove this suffering nowadays.

To change the status quo of the earth, every one of us must understand the truth of the universe and why the world has become what it is today. Only when we find the cause, can we change it; and only when everyone changes, can our world be changed. If each one of us is selfish as before, lives only for oneself, does not think of making contributions to this world, and without the spirit of selfless dedication and noble thought quality, then we, the earth people, will never get away from being controlled by the evil forces. Only when every one of us strives to awaken all the people to fight against the evil forces after knowing the truth, no longer being used or controlled by them, can the earth become more beautiful and the relatives live happily on it according to their own wishes.

Well, that is the end of this section of Creation of Various Species of Universe.

Date of Receiving: September 19, 2016


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