Section 3 Truth of Life

“Life” covers a wide range of areas. There are many kinds of lives in the universe; that is to say, the worlds of many physical planets and non-physical planets in the universe have a variety of lives. But our earthlings do not have so much understanding of life, just thinking that only the plants and animals on the earth are lives. In fact, there are many species and manifestations of lives in the universe. In general, the existence of natural growth in the universe can be called life; It can also be understood that the existence of the sentient beings is life, because the most basic ability of a life is perception.

Why are there various kinds of lives in the universe? It is because the advanced existence in the universe found a subtle connection between information and basic energy ① of the universe. Positive information can ascend the frequency of the energy field of the universe. Under the action of different frequency of the energy field, some of the energy can be converted into Yin or Yang substances. These substances can form various Yin or Yang objects. In other words, positive information can maintain the normal operation of the universe and promote the development and continuous prosperity of the universe. The reason why the big universe needs positive information is that the positive information is able to keep things from returning to the state of matter, or even to the state of energy before it is formed into matter. It is precisely because of the understanding of such cosmic laws that the advanced existence of the universe has created all kinds of conditions to disseminate positive information to make the universe continue to evolve upwards. The condition that the advanced existence has created is the creation of various loving and righteous lives, because such lives can constantly disseminate positive information. Only a growing number of positive messages can sustain and improve the frequency of the cosmic energy field, thus preserving everything in the universe and preserving the normal existence of all things of the universe. It can be said that if there is no life, the whole universe will be uneventful, without any color or life. That is why the universe has so many different lives, including human beings.

Although humanity is just one of many species, it is defined as highly intelligent species. In the lower dimensional world of the life space ②, the human species play a role of leading other species, whereas other species can only serve as supporting roles, so human beings are more responsible than any other species.

As very few people on the earth know the truth, many people are irresponsible, only living for themselves and not thinking about what role they play in the universe. This is also because the knowledge of the universe has not been popularized on the earth. The earth people cannot know their responsibilities, so most of the people are confused, without sense of responsibility and mission, just living an ignorant life, not thinking of giving for others, fulfilling some responsibilities for this world, or making their due contributions to the development and ascension of the universe.

There are indeed numerous species in the universe, many of them are not on our earth at all, and we even have not seen them before. Therefore, when some alien lives ③ came to our earth, we are very curious, or even surprised. It is precisely because these alien beings come to our planet that we learn a little bit of information beyond the earth; Also because of these alien lives ③, we have a chance to learn that there really exist various kinds of lives in the universe. No matter what these alien lives look like, they are the same as we are living in the universe.

There are many lives living in the Yin worlds of the universe and, of course, some of them like us live in the Yang worlds of the physical planets as well. And those of Yang alien lives ③ are capable above us and able to come to our earth. At present, they came to our earth still in the stage of investigation. It is just because we, the earth people, do not understand that there are various kinds of rumors, which make us more confused without knowing the purpose of the aliens to come to the earth. We know some of the Yang lives that have come to the earth, but the vast majority of them have not come to the earth, and most of them have very strong abilities.

There are lives in the universe, good and evil. The good lives represent justice, while the evil ones are destroying the order of the universe. There are different lives in different worlds of the life space ②, the righteous lives and also the evil ones. Both of them have their own development.

Most of the earthlings are descendants of the righteous life, and our nature is good, but it has been abused by the evil lives ④ for many years, making the earth become what it is today. As the evil lives live in different forms in the high dimensional space, they can destroy the earth through various ways and patterns. They live on the earth in the form of their wicked world. That is, the evil species intend to turn the righteous earth into their evil world, which can also be called the world of negative energy. This is the reason why the evil lives came to the earth.

Actually, there are also various sorts of evil lives with different abilities at different energy levels, some of them are the Yang lives that can be seen by our naked eyes, but the vast majority of them are the Yin lives that are invisible to our naked eyes. Their life forms are different from that of our earthlings, and we cannot see them, so we do not believe their existence. That is the sorrow of our earthlings! There is no belief in the existence of things that cannot be seen by our own eyes. This narrow thought imprisons
our understanding of the universe, and even many people do not want to know the truth. It is to deceive oneself to be imprisoned in this way. Do not be responsible for his life, let alone be responsible for the world.

Now the Yin evil lives in the high dimensional space came to all areas of the earth through various ways. These evil lives can control our earthlings, letting us do things in their way. For example, if they want our earth people to do what we had to do, as long as they control our mind, they can achieve their goals. We, the earth people, have weakness, that is, we have greed, desire, selfish thoughts and behaviors, so it is very easily used and controlled by the evil lives. But the evil lives cannot control the man of great wisdom and that of high positive energy. That is to say, as long as we have justice and wisdom, we will not be exploited by the evil lives, and less likely to be controlled by them.

We, the earth people, now do not know that we are controlled by the evil lives, so we cannot find the cause, nor do we know how to solve the earth’s problems. As we did not understand the truth before, we did not know why the earth has become what it is now! In fact, it is because the evil species in the high dimensional space have been destroying, interfering, and harming our earth people that the earthlings become more and more selfish, less and less righteous, more and more unloving, and most people only choose to live for their own. This is the result that the evil species confuse, utilize, control the earthlings in various ways, and this is also their ability. Now they are basically “successful” to control the earthlings. However, we, the earth people, are still unaware of the truth, nor do we know what makes us look like this. Now telling the truth to the loved ones on the earth, I hope the relatives of justice be sure to tell the truth to more relatives, so as to let everyone change himself by understanding the truth of the universe, no longer be used or controlled by the evil lives.

As long as we are not greedy, without more desire, we will not be exploited or controlled by the evil species, and we can completely get rid of them, return to the right path, and become truly loving and righteous people. Only in this way can we be truly free to live happily in this world according to our wishes, rather than live all our life under the control of others!

When a person lives in the world without knowing the truth of life and the truth of the universe, it is very sad and passive. Now I popularize the knowledge of the universe and tell the relatives the truth for free is to let the loved ones on the earth awaken, all know how to fight against the evil species from different worlds from being used and controlled by them, let them have no place to live, and at the same time let the relatives be fully valued in this world.

Well, that is the end of this section of Truth of Life.

Date of Receiving: September 19, 2016


① Basic energy: Refers to the original energy in the universe that has not been artificially processed.

② Life space: The realm of total space in the universe where lives like plants and animals exist.

③ Alien lives: Here refers to the Yang lives of other physical planets.

④ Evil lives: Lives that destroy the normal order of the universe.


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