Section 2 Overview of Human Development

The “human” species has been in the universe for many years. The years of human existence cannot be calculated with the age of the earth, for it is hard for us to tell how long that human beings exist in the universe with our own imagination. We can only understand that the “human” species exist in the worlds of different dimensional spaces with different intelligence, so they have various development processes and different years of existence.

Human has developed up to now, living in the worlds of physical planets ① or non-physical planets ② in different dimensional spaces with various status of development. The higher the dimensional space is, the more advanced science and technology and civilization it has, and the more happily the people live there. But the lower dimensional space the people live in, the poorer, the harder, and the less happy they are. These are the differences between human beings in the universe, which are caused by themselves in the worlds of different dimensional spaces. For example, if the earthlings do not imprison themselves, keep going up, everyone knows his responsibility for the world, all do their best to make due contributions for the development of the world, the planet will be a world of the high dimensional space, rather than a world of low frequency in the low dimensional space as it is now. It is precisely because the relatives on the earth have not woken up and are self-interested, not to strive for human development that the earth has become a planet of the low dimensional space!

Now widely spreading the universe knowledge is to hope the relatives on the earth to have such kind of consciousness and start changing himself, and to have the spirit of selfless dedication and understand to make contributions to the development of the entire human race. Only then can the earth become a highly civilized planet.

The development of the earth is made by the efforts of all people, not by the efforts of individuals or some people, because the earth is a big world where billions of people live, how could it be changed only with the efforts of some people? Of course, that relies on all awakening. All people must have this high level of understanding to make the earth a planet of high-standard civilization, a world of pure positive energy ③ , so as to let the whole earthlings grow up, and live a happy life. Only by meeting such a standard can the earth be a world of positive energy!

The reason why the other worlds of the high dimensional space have developed well is because the people there all know that it is only through the efforts of everyone that a world can become a better place. As all people of a world have such kind of high consciousness, and can do selfless dedication with such a noble quality, it is easier for the world to develop and the people there will live better.

Only with wisdom, people can create a high level of civilization and, of course, can promote high-tech development. It is merely that the lower dimensional space the people live in, the less intelligent and conscious they are. If one world develops well, its spiritual civilization, science and technology, including other fields, can develop and ascend all together, then the humanistic quality there can be improved comprehensively, and that is the progress of humanity.

Today, the earth is defined as the world of low dimensional space, because most of the people on the earth are egoistic without the spirit of selfless dedication. Having no knowledge of the truth of the universe, we do not know how to seek development; It is also because there is not enough wisdom that we are confused and used or even controlled by others. Now the earth is a planet controlled by the evil forces, so it has not developed well. Most of the people are living below the poverty line, leading a poor life. Even if some of the people have material to enjoy, but they do not get real happiness and joy.

As the earth is a negative energy field ④ , the earthlings also received great interference, feeling very depressed. Whether on the top, in middle, or lower of the society, no one can get real happiness and joy. If the relatives on the earth know the truth of the universe and know how valuable they are in the universe, they will know how to act. It is because people do not understand that they become insensitive.

Human is a highly intelligent species, able to develop with his own efforts, and also make a world a highly civilized one. However, there has been no one on the earth who can understand the truth of the universe, even if there was some understanding of the universe, that was just one-sided, because most of the information was misrepresented and there are even some false information that the evil forces have made up to confuse us, which are not the truth of the universe. Their purpose is to control our earth people, so that the earthlings will never have a chance to know the truth of the universe.

I tell the truth to my family members in the hope that they will have a sense of responsibility and mission, and contribute to a good development of mankind. Only when everyone has such kind of consciousness and makes his due contribution for the survival of the world, can the fate of the world be changed, will it bring each one of us happiness and joy.

If the relatives on the earth has such kind of consciousness and awareness, our earth will not worry about not becoming a highly civilized planet. It is up to each of us to work hard, to give and to change so that a certain effect can be achieved. I believe that it is also the common wish of each earthling. Since we have such a desire, we should start to take action to change ourselves, then gradually influence the people around us, so that we can change the world naturally.

The rest of the worlds are getting better and better, because there is a national awakening, and the whole population have this high level of awareness. In fact, we, the earthlings, can also do it well, and we can change ourselves by understanding the truth of the universe, and bring the world a greater development and greater promotion through the efforts of all people. Only with the efforts of every individual can we change the fate of our earthlings, can we live in a very good environment and atmosphere for generations, and can our descendants get real happiness and joy.

Well, that is the end of this section of Overview of Human Development.

Date of Receiving: September 19, 2016


① Physical planets: Yang planets, such as the earth which is a physical planet.

② Worlds of non-physical planets: The Yin worlds established on non-physical planets. The non-physical planet is a Yin-material planet.

③ Positive energy: The energy conducive to the development of the universe.

④ Negative energy field: The energy field obstructive to the development of the universe.



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