Section 1 Origin of Mankind

It is possible that the earthlings have always believed that only the earth has human beings. Such an idea or understanding is clearly wrong. The universe is vast, and there are, of course, human beings beyond the earth. Although they have different bodies from us, their nature is basically the same as ours.

As for why the universe has the “human” species, it is because there is such a need for the development of the universe, and human can bring greater development and ascension to the universe. Human beings are made of special life information, energy, and materials by the advanced existence of the great universe, and also because the human species is so intelligent and flexible that it is defined as a highly intelligent species. The earthlings call such highly intelligent life “human”, which is just the way they call it, and the rest of the worlds do not call it that way.

Because the earth is a very beautiful planet, the highly intelligent human beings of the high dimensional space came to this planet to develop. They wanted to establish a highly civilized world on the earth. With the help of the creation departments of the great universe, the highly intelligent human beings in the high dimensional space have especially created the humankind suitable for the survival of the earth environment, and sent them to the earth to reproduce, in order for the human beings to develop, exercise and ascend on the earth. This is the origin of the earthlings.

The creators of the big cosmic creation departments, after a long period of research and testing, have created a human life body suitable for the environment of the earth, which enables human beings to live well on the earth. This was a try by the high dimensional space creators on the earth, and their attempt was successful, because such a body has survived on the earth for more than one hundred and fifty million years, and has been living well.

Since the earth has experienced a very long and difficult development process, there was no such a good survival condition to keep the records of the origins of the earthlings at the beginning of its creation in the world. In that era, it can only be conveyed in the form of word of mouth. However, due to the long time, more and more people of the earth have blurred their own history, and it has been completely lost today.

Now the earth has very good conditions for transmission, so the relatives of the related administrations of the high dimensional space try every means to tell us the source of the earthlings and the truth, allowing us to know something about the universe, and ascend our life levels, so that we can keep up with the development of the universe. They also hope that we, the earthlings, have the opportunity to be a wise life, and live in the universe more valuably and more meaningfully. Don’t try to imprison ourselves as before, or only to care about our own lives and interests, not to know the source and truth of our lives, or to understand the universe that we live on.

That I convey these knowledge of the universe is to tell the truth to the relatives on the earth, and let the loved ones know their origin, so that they will improve their life pattern and no longer confine themselves by learning the knowledge of the universe and by understanding the truth. When a person knows the truth of life and that of the universe, his life pattern will naturally increase or expand, and he will not be confused any longer. Only in this way, can the relatives of related administrations of the high dimensional space help the earthlings in the low dimensional space out of the dilemma, allowing the loved ones on the earth to have a chance to know more about the truth. At the same time, they also want all the relatives of the earth to change the earth’s status quo with their own efforts to make the earth a highly civilized planet.

Well, that is the end of this section of Origin of Mankind.

Date of Receiving: September 19, 2016


① Advanced existence: There are different levels of existence in the universe, and there are many higher levels of existence on top of life. The wisdom and ability of “advanced existence” is beyond the scope of our understanding. It is precisely because we cannot understand that we use such a fuzzy word “advanced existence” to describe them, so as to know the gap between the lives of life space and them.”Advanced existence” also differs in levels and the division of labor. They are not all creators. However, only “advanced existence” in the universe have the power to create highly intelligent lives. But here, for the sake of enabling loved ones to better understand it when they learn Light Universe Knowledge, we can collectively name different hierarchical levels of existence who create the lives as the “creators”.

② Highly intelligent species: Species that can establish worlds and create civilizations in the universe.

③ High dimensional space: There are different levels of living spaces in the universe. Here refers to those spaces that are higher than their own.


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